CODE Sales Engineering and Sales Development.
We are pointing very strong relationship between economic indicators and lack of professional sales development aids in emerging markets. (such as Turkey)
As a general accepted financial rule “Nothing happens until someone sell something.” Is valid and we strongly believe in that motto.
Lack of sales profession and sales capability means idle capacity in every economy. If you sales are %10 percent lower than its possible volume means your production is %10 Percent idle. And idle capacity means higher cost and lower profitability. Which is at the end dead circle effect.
Code Sales Engineering has been offering full range of sales developments aids for Mid – Big volume companies in Turkey Since 2008.
Developing sales in one local company means developing macro economy and every single client is an other step for us to change indicators to positive directions for CODE.

Sales Engineering;
Completely new term for Turkish Market.  It was misunderstood and accepted and applied before as engineer trying to sell something. But now it has completely different aspect.  A Sales Professional investigating customer needs and request under an engineering case and using all fresh and well know international sales profession techniques in order to differentiate services and products behalf of its’ consumer. Beat competition not in price or quality of product but sales service quality.
Professional Sales Trainings;
Code Consulting Sales trainings are completely different and new aspect and professional way to develop above mentioned sales engineering skills for Professional Sales Teams. Code Sales Engineering professional sales training includes 310 Sales Books, 120 Sales trainings 2800 Articles and news, more than 100 lectures essential parts. 160 hours creative art work and 60 hours professional and academicals psychology work in order to keep trainings knowledge in attendance memory.
CODE Professional Sales Service Training.
CODE Advanced Communication and Negotiation Skills Training.
CODE Effective Planning And Time Management Training.
CODE Sales Management & Sales KPI’s Training
CODE Personal Motivation & Team Building Training
Can be considered our major training events.  All of them can be applied to corporate sales teams.
Alternative Market Development;
Code Sales Engineering offers full range of new marketing strategies for developing companies. Internet Marketing (specially Search Engine Marketing SEM) new age of the marketing actions.  Lower budget higher reach and return is aimed and accomplices mid volume companies.

Sales Control Tools,
Code sales engineering offers different international sales targeting and control tools. Own programmed CRM applications offers full range sales potentials and first builds first step for operational targeting for sales. Main Result and most important output of the system is measurable and understandable sales target for every single individual.
Creative 2.0
Code Sales Engineering provides cheapest and most quality creative art workers for its clients time based costing and professional approach creative department offers indispensible benefit for its clients. Web 2.0 Development, Catalogs, Brochures even corporate introductive movies can be prepared and as we mentioned before charged to clients account time /Spent basis calculations. Code keeps profit level in minimum and use this as an additional value as a sales development resource in other side of project.

CODE Sale Engineering offers its services as a package and also as individual differentiated items. Our main target is changing Sales Engineering concept in people mind and give Measurable benefits in affordable cost.
Our mission to be very sophisticated Sales and Marketing Strategy Development department for all our clients which is not needed to be fully recruited by them but just using as it is needed. ( and of course cost as it is used only on demand)
Code Sales Engineering;  New and Alternative way to develop differentiated Sales and Marketing Strategy.

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